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New Stock Deliveries


    Power Maxed


    We are more than pleased to say we are stockests of Power Maxed products! We have taken their range of Maintenance Sprays, Additives, Turbo CLeaner and their well known cleaning products including the amazing Snow Foam.  

    Power Maxed have added to their range and they now have a selection of putties, thread lockers, glue and a Coolant Seal to compliment the block repairer Steel Seal.



















    Gorilla Glues & Tapes


    We are pleased to announce the arival of the Gorilla range, we have a selection of their glues and gels, tapes including mounting tape and clear tape as well as silicones Gorilla Grab that can stick trim back onto vehicles.











    Elta Engine Managment


    We are pleased to have Elta Engine Managment products on the shelf including Ignition Coils, ABS Sensors, Air & Water Temp Sensors, Cam & Crank Sensors, Air Mass Sensors and EGR Valves. The range is going to be increased as the products become available from the factories over the next few months.






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