Express Car Parts & Accessories Ltd

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About us

    Express Car Parts & Accessories Ltd or ECPA, is a family owned business that has been working within the motor trade for over 25 years, both in the independent and main dealership enviroment.


    We are an independent business which aims to treat everyone as an individual who has their own specific needs. Now being independent means we are not tied to certain suppliers, we can look around and find what's best for you, our customer.


    Our aim is to provide OE parts at affordable prices to everyone, this includes retail customers who may need a replacement filter, or workshop that is looking for a replacement driveshaft. We will approach our suppliers and see what the best option is for the customer in question, as no two customers or vehicle is the same. Budgets, usage and age of the vehicle are all factors that need to be taken into consideration and because of this we feel one part or manufacturer does not fit all as other companies belive.


    We are constantly looking at new suppliers as new products always come on the market or a better alternative to what is already out there.















    We have an on-line shop, that can be found by clicking on the 'SHOP' tad on the menu bar, which has thousands of products at very competitive prices. These products are delivered to us over night, but you can call us and check to see if we already have them on the shelf or at another warehouse who can deliver that same day at the price quoted on-line.

    The on-line shop is organised by our buying group CAAR and they have agreed special pricing terms which mean many items are actually cheaper through the on-line shop. Mintex, Borg & Beck, Moog, Morris Lubricants and a couple of other suppliers are only available in store as we deal direct to try and get better pricing terms.



    After a part that we have not got on the shelf? Not a problem we can order it in for you! The part should be with us that same day or the following morning. Also if there are options or you want to look at something that we don't stock, not a problem, as we would order the parts in for you to look at and return them to the suppliers if not required at no cost to you!










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